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Ottawa Veg Fest 2012

April 15, 2012

Veg Fest 2012Well, it’s that time of year again. Er… what time, you may ask? Only the most exciting time for vegetarians and vegans in the Ottawa region, the days leading up to Ottawa’s Veg Fest. Everything is abuzz here in Ottawa in preparation for the 4th annual Veg Fest, Ottawa’s no. 1 vegetarian event, brought to you by the National Capital Vegetarian Association (NCVA) and The Table Restaurant. It’s the type of event that you do not want to miss and if you do miss it, you’ll be kicking yourself over it till next spring when you will surely not make the same mistake again. As always, there will be plenty of exhibitors, food demos, and guest speakers. Every year offers more exciting events and activities. This year will feature a silent auction and even a 31-day vegan challenge with many prizes to be won. Also new this year is that while the venue isn’t changing (Glebe Community Centre), the Veg Fest is expanding at the venue to allow for more space for the food demos and presentations. You’ll be sure to run into some special local celebrity guests and maybe even a talking vegetable or two. Seriously, Veg Fest is zany.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Veg Fest or who think that perhaps it might not be for you, here is some more info to help familiarize yourself with the event and make you certain that you will enjoy it no matter what you eat!

  • Veg Fest is a great event for anyone who enjoys good food. Not just vegetarians. Everyone should check it out and see what it is all about, especially those who are curious about living and eating more healthily, environmentally-friendly initiatives and products, and all the hubbub associated with this new-fandangled concept called “vegetarianism”;
  • Guest speakers will speak on issues pertaining to health, environment, and animal suffering  (Jack Norris R.D., James McWilliams, Jo-Anne McArthur);
  •  Lots of food to be tasted and discovered. You may even learn how to make some of it yourself with the fantastic food demonstrations that will be taking place throughout the event;
  • This event is entirely run by the dedicated volunteers of the NCVA. Come show your support for a local not-for-profit organization striving for the betterment of your community. You can even become a member yourself at the event or online by a $20 (or more) donation to the organization;
  • Admission is FREE, by the way;
  • And yes, kids are welcome and love the event too!
Oh, and I’ll be there too, which is I think the most compelling argument to come, no?
More info can be found on the NCVA event page as well as the NCVA blog, which you should be reading anyway.
See you on Sunday April 29, 2012!
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