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The next day

May 2, 2011

Today is my first official day of being unemployed. It is also the boxing day of Ottawa’s Veg Fest. I can’t decide what I would rather focus on. They both are very bittersweet.

Of course I’m going to focus on Veg Fest, sillies. It was a spectacular event. An over-the-top success. So many people, so much energy, lots of interest in the NCVA and most importantly no one barfed! Wait… actually some pregnant woman vomited in the women’s bathroom, but it was most definitely not food related.

The only downside to volunteering all day — and honestly, this is the only downside — is that I didn’t get to hear any of the talks, watch any of the cooking demos, participate in the silent auction, or ogle over the cupcakes entered in the cupcake contest. But I felt like I contributed to the success of the event and my small personal sacrifice allowed others to take advantage of these great events taking place at Veg Fest this year. So many people were interesting in learning more about vegetarianism. It is so nice to see and hear people talk about how they want to become veg*n for a diversity of reasons. We also have a ton of new members sign up to the NCVA yesterday, which speaks volumes about how well the NCVA portrayed itself in the weeks leading up to Veg Fest and especially during the big event itself. I truly feel we have set a precedent for future years. I bet we’ll need a bigger space for next year. Eager exhibitors were on a waiting list for this year and the place was packed with people almost all day long. The NCVA has truly something to be proud of… especially considering that this great feat — in addition to all the rest the NCVA does — is fully fueled on volunteer energy alone. And not just any volunteer energy… the NCVA volunteers are friendly, (com)passionate, and a pleasure to work with. It’s no wonder the Ottawa community loves us. ;)

Check out these post-Veg Fest links:

NCVA website

NCVA website

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  1. June 4, 2011 3:43 pm

    it must have been the people dressed up as carrots on the sidewalks that boosted attendance. it was very eye-catching.

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